We believe companies should have a higher close rate when selling to hospitals and health systems. The reality is “you cannot out-hustle a mediocre sales strategy.” Gylen Castle is a boutique advisory firm to develop your new approach to an effective sales strategy in the healthcare industry. Gylen Castle has worked with more than 65 companies in the past three years including large companies such as GE Healthcare Capital, STERIS, and IMS as well as small, mid-sized, and start up companies.


Our clients speak for us – we drive results. And, we work with the best of the best evidenced by the sampling of our clients scrolling below. Gylen Castle works with all types of companies that want to grow their healthcare client base. Our smallest clients are startups that have zero dollars in sales to date but they want a strong strategy to maximize their market entry. Other companies have a sales force consisting of the company executives and are wanting to develop a sales team with our help. Our largest clients have established sales teams and literally have billions in annual healthcare sales. Regardless of your size, we can custom tailor a program that aligns and adjusts a proven sales strategy to your culture to improve close success.