Insanity is knowing that what you’re doing is completely idiotic, but still, somehow, you just can’t stop it.”

– Elizabeth Wurtzel

How to Get Started Today

Our Founder is often asked why improving healthcare sales is so tough. According to our Founder, Tom McDougal, “Companies tend to use a strategy of ‘try harder’ when they are behind on their sales goals. They invest more people and resources but they do not stop to understand the reasons why they are not closing more deals. You cannot out-hustle an outdated value proposition message and sales strategy.”

Many companies wait too long to engage Gylen Castle. They experience a bad quarter or reach a point of frustration with the long sales cycle to get a decision before contacting us. The best time to engage Gylen Castle is now. Waiting does not improve your opportunity for success.

Don’t wait another quarter. We can drive results for you starting today.

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Prefer to Start On Your Own? Check out our Book

If you prefer to learn more first or to start learning how to sell more effectively on your own, we suggest you read our book, Selling to the Pain: Closing More Deals in Healthcare Sales. While this will not give you a customized approach to your specific solution and needs, it is a good place to start. Click HERE to learn more.

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Or, Begin with our Economics Handbook on Predicting Patient Decisions

Want to know how and when patients will choose your services? Check out our latest book, Predicting Patient Decisions. Learn what Economic Theories and Behavioral Economic Factors impact decisions by patients at various stages. When you understand how to position and package your services, your market share will grow. Click HERE to learn more.

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The Best Approach is our Customized Engagement to Advance Your Company

Our clients know our sales strategy as Executive Connections. Our goal is to increase your close rate without adding more sales resources. To measure results, we emphasize two sales outcomes: to improve your rate from cold call to presentation pitch and to improve your close rate. Due to the complexity of our approach, there are two Phases to our Executive Connections advisement that we recommend to our clients:

  • EC60 – The 60 Day Assessment and Planning Phase
  • ECI – The Ongoing Implementation Phase

EC60 – The 60 day Assessment and Planning Phase

Our common beginning point with new clients is EC60 – the 60 Day Assessment and Development Phase. We assess your services and products, organization sales process, marketing and sales materials, and the strengths and opportunities for improvement of your team to develop a true value proposition in several deliverable formats. These formats include your verbal pitch, a one page summary of the value you create and how you create it, and a PowerPoint to drive your first discussion encounter with a new client. Thereafter, we train your team to use a consistent Value Proposition Message and we teach you how to hold the decision maker accountable to close the deal through our Accountability Sales© and The Decision Table© training programs. Finally, you receive a detailed report of our findings and extensive recommendations for going forward. It could be the most important 60 days of your fiscal year to drive sales.

ECI – The Executive Connections Implementation Phase

Following EC60, we commonly enter the optional ECI Phase of our engagement. During ECI, we are not Consultants. Rather, we are Connectors. For select companies, we have an ongoing service to help you implement your new sales strategy model and the going forward recommendations from our EC60 report. This can take the form of advisory or consulting work or even introduce you to decision makers. We also offer services to assist in preparation for major presentations, attending client pitch meetings, individual training for your team, developing a reseller approach and strategy, and helping to close the deal. While EC60 is a great investment in your opportunity for improved sales success, ECI is an acceleration of that success creating amazing value.

Contact us today to hear how our clients have increased their close rates, reached the decision makers, and increased sales revenue in the first year.