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How and when patients choose healthcare services is an age old challenge amplified with a more aggressive healthcare market with many competitors. Understanding the economic theory factors that contribute to patient purchasing behavior can give you a competitive advantage. Predicting Patient Decisions (McDougal, 20120) is a new approach to using tested and proven economic and behavioral economic theories to structure your service delivery to increase market share. Over decades of healthcare leadership and economic study, Dr. McDougal has written what is best known as the Economic Handbook for Healthcare Executives.

Author and CEO of Gylen Castle, Dr. Tom McDougal, accepted his first hospital CEO position at age 27 and led six different hospitals over the following 20 years. Now a serial healthcare entrepreneur, Dr. McDougal provides deep insights from his unique perspective of both a decision maker and a sales professional.

The landscape of healthcare delivery has become uber competitive with patients more engaged in thoughtful decision making of what services to purchase from which healthcare providers. Understanding the economic drivers that affect decisions can create a competitive advantage for your organization. Predicting Patient Decisions is proven to create a competitive advantage to drive results in what matters – efficiently increasing market share and margins.

Predicting Patient Decisions includes three critical components to increase market share:

  • Understanding the economic drivers for patient purchase decisions;
  • Anticipating patient biases that affect the timing of those decisions; and
  • Strategies to improve the patient experience to drive market share growth in a competitive market.