The Value Proposition Message Approach

As a hospital CEO for 17 years, our Founder was “pitched” thousands of times for something the hospital needed to buy. Unfortunately, “No” was his default answer. He found that companies usually did not anticipate his overall strategy of efficiency or growth nor did they understand what was most important to him. If they had approached him by first understanding his needs, they would have been more likely to succeed.

Many companies fail to ask the right questions. The main culprit is a rush to talk about their company and how great their services or products would be for my hospital. While a decision maker may have been curious about your company, they are really interested in their own organization and needs.

Our Founder was not alone in his frustration – healthcare executives are tired of the bad sales pitch strategies. You need a value message proposition that includes an effective approach and the right key points to not only hold attention of the decision maker but to drive action.

The Decision Table ©

The Decision Table© is based on experience and proprietary research to unpack how decisions are made and the factors affecting those decisions.  We unpack the dynamics with our insightful experience and train your team to be more effective in the process to close deals.

To be successful in healthcare sales, you must understand:

– Who makes decisions and the roles of the players in those decisions.

– What factors influence the decisions (it is not always what you think).

– Who are your competitors (Hint: you are not competing with the biggest player in your space but for the attention of the decision maker)

– And, how decisions are ultimately made.

Accountability Sales ©

Following an understanding of the process for decision making by healthcare executives, unpacked in The Decision Table© , we train your team on how to hold the decision maker accountable to achieve the desired decision.

This is not easy and requires intentional skill. You must understand the factors and reasons for not only delays in decisions but the outcome of the decision. Factors include Personal, Structural and Social factors and overlay the Decision Maker influence of Motivation and Ability. Accountability Sales© creates the opportunity to close deals more efficiently and more effectively.

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