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Selling to the Pain: Closing More Deals in Healthcare Sales (McDougal, 2016) is a revolutionary strategic methodology to improve sales efficiency and close rates. The pain a potential customer is experiencing is the result of a lack of performance in financial, quality, or satisfaction key metrics. To be successful, you must diagnose the pain, communicate your solution effectively, and close the deal. This book is the culmination of years of training of talented sales professionals across the country with some of the most respected companies including GE Capital Healthcare Division, IMS, STERIS, Keystone Healthcare Management, Med-First, and many others.

Author and CEO of Gylen Castle, Dr. Tom McDougal, accepted his first hospital CEO position at age 27 and led six different hospitals over the following 20 years. Now a serial healthcare entrepreneur, Dr. McDougal provides deep insights from his unique perspective of both a decision maker and a sales professional.

During the past two decades, the culture of decision making has changed but many companies have not pivoted their sales strategy to be effective long term. Competition is fierce. Selling to the Pain is proven to create a competitive advantage to drive results in what matters – efficiently closing more deals.

Selling to the Pain includes three critical components to sales strategy success:

  • Understanding the decision process and the factors that affect decisions as explained in The Decision Table©;
  • Developing a Value Proposition Message to identify the pain a customer is feeling and communicate an actionable solution; and
  • Applying Accountability Sales© to hold the decision maker accountable to help you close the deal.